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Delivers dream experiences

Kayton Travel delivers dream experiences. To inspire people to travel around the world. Every travel experience is unique and different; it is a journey. Each journey has its own stories.

We put emphasis on knowing our clients first before each trip is made. We listen our clients, have open communication and share ideas. Each trip is built with a goal in mind, to create stories and memories.

We help you with your journey, we build friendship, you gain the experience, you create the memories.

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What we do

Providing great service is THE MOST important part of what we do. Happy clients mean we have done our job right at Kayton Travel.

Kayton Travel provides travel services, including but not limited to:

  • Flight or Air Tickets;
  • River and Ocean cruises;
  • Shore Excursions;
  • Luxury Retreats and VIP Packages;
  • All-inclusive Vacation Packages (Sun and Beach Destinations);
  • Rail Vacations;
  • Hotel and Lodging accommodations;
  • Land Tours (Adventure, Exotic, Family);
  • Event tickets (Sports, Concerts, Arts and Cultural);
  • Ground Transport services including Car Rentals;
  • Group Travel (Destination Wedding, Family Reunion, Honeymoon, Corporate Travels, Sports Team, etc.);
  • Custom Trip Planning;
  • Travel insurance.

Why Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a great way to protect your trip investment. You hope that everything will run smoothly on your vacation, but mishaps or accidents do happen. It provides financial protection for unexpected events that can impact your trip. It is designed to protect you financially from lost baggage to expensive medical bills.

Travel insurance may seem like another expense but do ask yourselves these ‘What-if’ questions:

  • You need to cancel your trip for any reasons (if you or someone gets sick);
  • You missed your connection;
  • Your flight got cancelled;
  • A hurricane damages your destination;
  • Your baggage is delayed or lost or damaged;
  • Your passport and wallet got lost or stolen;
  • You or your loved ones need emergency treatment during your trip

Find out more info and quote about Travel Insurance:

Canadian Residents and Visitors to Canada
US Citizens and US Residents

Travel Inspirations

San Francisco, USA


San Francisco is a major city located in California, USA. It is one of the most visited cities in the world. San Francisco carries its own unique and distinct culture. It has limitless assortment of activities that are sure to please all types of travellers; from the adventurous to the curious of all ages.

Attractions: Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ferry Building Marketplace, Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Park, Cable Cars, Chinatown.

Santorini, Greece

Honolulu, Hawaii

Agra, Uttar Pradesh India

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Malaga, Spain

Paris, France

Beijing, China

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ontario, Canada

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Why Use Kayton Travel Specialist?

I love to travel just like you!
I love designing your trip; because I genuinely have a passion for travel ourselves.

Entrust in my expertise.
I listen to what is important to you and help you to get the best experiences. I have access to the travel industry preferred rates and most-up-to date information from our travel partners.

Personalized service and save you Time.
Save your Saturday researching the best way to get from Paris to Barcelona. Let me do the work. Have your day off and enjoy yourself while I the fun building your trip. It is a win-win.

I am your ultimate travel advocate. Relax and with a peace of mind.
If you ever get into unforeseen circumstances, don’t be stuck at calling a toll free number and be put on hold for hours. I am your first point of contact and I will ensure you have a stress-free trip. I have my travel partner network of contacts. Take advantage!

I get you Perks.
Did I mention I will always try to get you perks, like complimentary advanced seating arrangements, room upgrades, and more?

Happy You Equals Happy Me!

Ready to start tripping? Give me a shout!

Wendy Sung

Owner and Travel Specialist

Live. Laugh. Travel.

I would describe myself as a fun, energetic, and outgoing person.

I have been very fortunate to have travelled to many wonderful and unique places in the world. From yachting in the pacific coast of Vancouver, to lobster feasting in Nova Scotia, Canada, to the entertainment districts like Los Angeles, Orlando in the USA, to petting Kangaroos in Australia, shopping in the city that never sleeps in Hong Kong, to complete relaxation in the Caribbean ocean and much more. Along the way, we headed on a number of road trips, stayed at countless all-inclusive resorts, taken a few cruises, and engaged in guided and self-guided tours.

I love researching and gathering information for travelers. I will assist you on your travel plans, just like I would put together my own. I am passionate about what I do. Your travel plan will be tailored to you, as it is YOUR TRIP!

Besides having a fulfilling travel experience, the most important question I ask is "What is the one thing that you want to achieve at the end of your trip?”

For me, it is seeing my loved ones faces as they experience unique moments during our travel. I want all of us to have an everlasting memory about each trip, to be able to talk and laugh about them for years to come. It’s about creating life experiences and memories.

As much as you can.
As far as you can.
As long as you can.
Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.”

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My Trips

Here are highlights from some of the trips I have taken and thought to share with you. Connect with me and I’d love to share travel ideas with you.

Miami, Florida, USA

Miami, Florida, USA

Went on a family road trip and one of the places we stopped off was at Sea World. I got to touch a Dolphin named ‘Pearl’ and couldn’t wipe the smiles off my face even after I left. Pearl was very friendly and had very ‘smooth’ skin.

Alaska, USA

Holguin, Cuba

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Visa and Passport

Kayton Travel is pleased to partner with CIBT Visas to help you with all your travel visas and passport needs. CIBT and its subsidiaries VisaCentral and IVPSC, have become the largest and most well-established travel visa and passport company in the world. CIBT visas

Salvatore Iovino #32

Travel Highlights

Kayton Travel Sponsorship of Nascar Driver Salvatore Iovino #32

We were very excited to sponsor NASCAR Driver, Salvatore Iovino this 2018 season. Salvatore is a smart and caring person. Salvatore loves his fans and all his supporters. His heart is gold. Please check out his website and drop him a few lines, he would love to connect with you.

Story of Kayton Travel meeting Iovino

Sponsorship Articles:
On Pit Road
Catch Fence

Nascar K&N Pro Series 2018 Races:
Kern County Raceway Park - Full Race
Bristol Motor Speedway - Full Race
Langley Speedway – Full Race

Have you always wanted to watch Nascar Races in person?

Contact Kayton Travel for a Nascar Package

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